Adding Green Plants to your plot – Pantone colour of the year for 2017 = Greenery

Dianthus Greentrick

Flowers from the Farm Twitter hour Monday 23rd January 2017

hosted by Niki Roberts @bucketsofblooms and Cel Robertson @fgflowers notes by Jill Smith @binningtonblooms

Colour Trend Predictions

Green is evidently the @Pantone colour of the year and wow, British flower farmers came up with an enormous list of green flowers, shrubs, grasses that they collectively grow and use sharing lots of growing advice along the way.

Since british flowers are so popular for weddings, keeping track of colour trends is important so we have available the flowers the wedding market is looking for.  The green trend was born out by members identifying requests for woodland themed weddings, whites and greens as a colour theme and generally requesting more foliage with their flowers.

However members also noted that the ever popular blush/pale colours are still very popular for weddings in peachy, pink and pale blue hues.  But strong colours appeared too, burgandy, lemon and red as wedding flower requests.

To share all the information here and present it in a more digestible format I will sub-section the green suggestions into categories:

Firstly is was useful to highlight what is available in the dark winter months

Winter foliage

Acacia, Rosemary, Senecio, Magnolia, Willow, Eucalyptus, Cypress, Hebe, Ferns, Sarcococca, Ivy

Winter ‘green’ flowers

Hellebores (pick when seedhead begins to appear) and Hellebores Foetidus ( pick open flowers, cut stems underwater and leave to drink for 24 hrs then change water).

Then the list for green flowers and foliage in the growing season was impressive

Green flowers for the growing season

Dianthus Green trick, gladioli Flevo-laguna, moluccella laevis (put seeds in the freezer to aid germination), cerinthe, dill, amaranthus  (along with the green variety the red and biscuit/coral colour are also popular),  alchemilla mollis, ammi major, sedum (picked before colour turns), nicotiana langsdorffii (doesn’t appear to become sticky), galega officinalis or goat’s rue (a new one to many of us but came recommended as easy to grow), zinnia elegans, kochia (Bassia Scoparia), artemisia ludoviciana,

Shurbs and perennials growers find good for picking

Choisya, raspberry, hornbeam, viburnum opulus, ferns, ribes, cardoon leaves, perennial aster just as foliage, eucalyptus, lavender, bay, euonymus, hebe.


Ginger mint, buddleja mint and apple mint were mentioned.  Many other herbs are good for picking too.


Briza maxima, briza media, bunny tails, panicum elegans frosted explosion, panicum elegans sprinkles and panicum miliaceum violaceum (millet).