Book Review – The Cut Flowers Grower’s Handbook by Arjen Heuse

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Book Review by Sheila Hume (Blue Hen Flowers)


In 2013 , one year in to a decision to grow cut flowers on a small but commercial scale ( is that possible- I think so!) I was hunting around for a course to help me and found one run by Arjen Heuse of Wealden Flowers in East Sussex. One fantastic, inspirational and generous course later I was hooked, not just on the conviction that my hope could be a reality but also on the Arjen Heuse philosophy. The fact that he farmed at a Rudolph Steiner college and lunch on the day of the course was preceded by a reflection over wonderfully wholesome vegetarian and I’m sure home grown food gives an incite into his ethos.

He gave us generous course notes at the end of the day which were more like a small book and I subsequently bought his actual book Cut Flower Grower’s Handbook. ( available on Amazon)

It is packed full of information from planning, flower cultivation, harvesting, financial and business and pages of useful contacts and links. It is honestly the most useful and well thumbed book I possess and easy and entertaining reading.

He even includes his design for a harvesting trolley.

Lovely man, lovely book.


Sheila Hume