How do we as Cut flower growers, Cultivate our gardens?

How do we Cultivate our Gardens?

Whether our flower farming is done in our gardens, – or on a larger scale,  we as Flower farmers and Cut flower growers, are part of the current history of gardens and gardening.

Cultivated cut flower garden

We’ve now got a chance to take part in a document that will provide a snapshot of our perspective on gardening in 2015, and are being invited to submit a 100 word ‘manifesto’ answering the question ‘How Do We Cultivate Our Garden?’

Our entries will be joined with lots of others, from gardeners and garden writers from all over the UK. They are going to be put together in what we hope will be a  wonderful document to look back on in ten, twenty, fifty years time and see how much has changed in the way we think about our relationship to the environment.

Darren Lerigo, who is organizing this is a gardener, cut flower grower, and garden designer, and is a member of the Chelsea Fringe team.

“If the Chelsea flower show is the spectacular, trendy, stunning starlet of the horticultural world, the Chelsea fringe is the anarchic, homemade, anything goes fun lover that won’t be home until dawn. It is a platform for artists and gardeners to express themselves, to club together for three weeks and encourage gardening in all its forms. If it is interesting, related to horticulture and legal, it’s in. A real positive for London, as urban space gets ‘greened-up’, there is also great virtue in not spending a lot of money, being imaginative and sharing in the goodwill out there as spring begins turning into summer.”

If you’d like to give your unique perspective on gardening,  to ensure that Cut flower growers views on gardening are included, – literally, philosophically, with an environmental bent, from a cynical worldview – the choice is yours, then you have one month to perfect your 100 words. Send them to by midnight on February 14th 2015. – More information can be found on Darren’s website