Ideas for Seasonal Decorations for the Christmas Season

#BritishFlowers hour – Christmas Ideas – Monday 31st October 2016

chilli and holly wreath

This week’s topic was all about Christmas and was hosted by Cel Robertson (@fgflowers) and Patricia Cottam (@pattfgarden) with notes by Jess Streeter (@sussexroses).

  • The best wreath base is arguably moss (you can buy in moss wrapped frames or wrap the moss on yourself) but other options include things like hay/straw.
  • Festive workshops are becoming more and more popular. And if you are a member of Flowers From the Farm you can add your dates to the events page on the website.
  • Some favourite berries are holly, ivy and mistletoe whilst also using items such as dried seed heads and hydrangeas. To preserve hydrangeas, you can dip them in glycerine but are best for indoor use only.
  • Don’t use fresh eucalyptus on your wreaths as it never lasts.
  • Door swags can be a good additional item alongside wreaths, but don’t necessarily let them become your focus as they are cheaper.
  • Quirky items on wreaths are becoming more popular, items such as feathers and sprouts were a great hit with a lot of us last year – be brave and try something new! If looking to source feathers you can always try your local smallholder’s association or even your local butchers.
  • You can also do things such as hyacinths and amaryllis as an additional product.

Next week’s #BritishFlowers hour is on Monday 7th November 2016. The topic will be irrigation hosted by Carol Siddorn (@carolsiddorn) and James (@clowanceflowers). Please do join us with the hashtag #BritishFlowers !