Must Have Summer Bulbs for Cut Flowers

#Britishflowers Hour: Monday 9th May – Summer Bulbs

Acidanthera, Plantpassion

This week’s #britishflowers hour involved a discussion on summer bulbs and was hosted by Sara Willman (@myflowerpatch) and Lara Smith (MFCFlowers); with assistance from Mike Rogers (@SofaFlyer) and notes by Jess Streeter (@SussexRoses).


Some must haves include:

Bearded iris (flower isn’t great at lasting though),

Canna (foliage as well as flower!),




Schizostylis (new name: Hesperantha).


Gladioli are now just beginning to make an appearance.

Allium’s are about to flower.

Bearded iris need full sun to be at their best.

Dahlias are also proving to be a firm favourite.

Galtonia needs planting now, not the cheapest of bulbs, but make good cut flowers.


If flowers at the bottom of the stem die just pick dead bits off or cut when just out.

Acidanthera perform well inside and outside, but buying bigger bulbs does seems to produce better flowers (Avon Bulb’s suggested by @myflowerpatch). They don’t often do well a 2nd year, but cheap enough to not worry.


If soil is heavy add coarse sand or humus to improve drainage.