The South East

This Map shows the Full members who are based in the South East. Our Full members are those already growing for market, whether that is to sell to locals as bouquets or bunches, to florists who can use their flowers, or for events like weddings and parties. Please hover over each of the flower symbols to see the details of the grower, grower/florist (green flowers) or florist (purple flowers) and you can then click through to find out more and contact them

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South East. Regional Co-ordinator – Niki Roberts, Buckets of Blooms

The South East Area, covers a large part of the South with London at it’s heart. We have a mixture of new and very experienced growers, and are well spread out across the region. We try to meet twice a year to share hints and tips and compare Season’s, and are lucky to have some specialist growers in our midst with experience of selling to Covent Garden Market, plus those who grow for weddings, and local farmers market.

Our Seedlings in this area