This Map shows the Full members who are based in Wales. Our Full members are those already growing for market, whether that is to sell to locals as bouquets or bunches, to florists who can use their flowers, or for events like weddings and parties. Please hover over each of the flower symbols to see the details of the grower, grower/florist (green flowers) or florist (purple flowers) and you can then click through to find out more and contact them

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Wales. Regional co-ordinator – Justine Scouller, Far Hill Flowers

The Welsh area covers a region about the size of Wales funnily enough. It turns out that that is just over 8000 square miles and in all that space there are only 9 flower growers and we are spread far and wide. Those close to the English border quite often join other groups for meetings but we hope that in 2015 we will organise an annual get-together where we can share the joys of gardening in the Principality and work with Horticulture Wales to spread the word of flower farming. With some wonderful event locations in Wales we want to wake the inhabitants up to the fact that they can buy local, wonderful flowers.


Our Seedlings in this area