Day One of The Flowers Big Weekend 2020

Article Published By Flowers From The Farm on Aug 14 2020



    Welcome, flower-lovers, to Day One of the first ever virtual Flower Farmers’ Big Weekend.

    Over the next 3 days on we’ll be taking you behind the scenes of the Flowers from the Farm movement to meet the independent, artisan flower farmers behind the renaissance in British cut flowers. 


    To watch today’s virtual programme for Flowers from the Farm, click here.


    The 5 themes of the daily collections of short films will give you a real insight into the art, craft and business of flower farming:

    • The Basics
    •  Plot Stories
    • Flower Focus
    • Top Tips
    • From Plot to Vase. 

    And you won’t want to miss the first ever Flower Farmers’ Question Time with Linda Clark of Spotted Dog Flower Company  (Lincolnshire), Cel Robertson of Forever Green Flower Company (Norfolk), Rachel Siegfried of Green & Gorgeous (Oxfordshire) and Claire Brown of PlantPassion (Surrey).


    Day One’s 8 wonderful flower farmers and their plots


    THE BASICS - Starting out

    Paul & Helen Stickland of Black Shed Flowers in Dorset share an insight into their plot and their hugely ambitious and successful start in flower farming just 2 years ago.


    FROM PLOT TO VASE - Wedding Flowers

    Hannah-Victoria Taylor of Ixia Botanicals in Lancashire creates a luxurious wedding bouquet and offers a glimpse into her ever-expanding cut flower growing area on the family 



    Zara Gordon Lennox of Gordon Castle in Scotland takes us inside their magnificent walled garden to pick the season’s finest flowers from the colour-themed florist cutting beds.


    FROM PLOT TO VASE - Mail Order

    Beth and Simon Hillyard of Cornish Blooms in deepest Cornwall give us a tour behind the scenes of the flower fields and packing sheds at their heart of their nationwide flower delivery service.


    TOP TIPS - Growing Organically

    Jo Wright and Wendy Paul of Organic Blooms near Bristol give us a glimpse into how they achieved Soil Association organic certification for their four acre flower farm in  2017.


    PLOT STORIES - Farm diversification

    Bella and Will Butler of West End Flower Farm in Hampshire offer an insight into how they have started transforming the traditional family farm into a commercial flower farm.


    THE BASICS - Finding your Plot

    Trevor and Bettina Davies of Gilly Florist on the Gower Peninsula talk about their epic search for the perfect plot to relocate their established Hertfordshire flower farm.


    PLOT STORIES - Cutting Garden Growing

    Kristen Mackay of Henthorn Farm Flowers shows us around the productive cutting garden she created from scratch in her residential back garden, proving that you don’t need a farm to be a flower farmer.


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