Environmental Initiative Award 2017

Article Published By Flowers From The Farm on Jul 20 2017


    Gill Hodgson and Niki Roberts attended the awards ceremony and Gill made a few notes:-

    "I nearly didn’t make it to the UK Grower Awards night in London.

    Storm Doris did her utmost to keep me away: turned a two-hour train journey into a six-hour marathon and made me miss my starter.  Niki Roberts had generously given away my crab terrine by the time I arrived - but the rest of the night was fabulous.

    FFTF was shortlisted for the Environmental Initiative Award and we enjoyed a good dinner in great company before the ceremony began. 

    NFU President, Meurig Raymond, opened the proceedings and it was a true glitzy occasion with drumrolls, cartwheeling lights, voice-over by Alan Dedicoat and long drawn out pauses before winners’ names were announced.

    Well – to cut a long story short - you’ve probably already seen on social media that we won. 

    There was lots of hugging and so many influential people, including DEFRA’s chief Brexit negotiator, came over afterwards to congratulate us.  These awards are just about the biggest annual gongs in horticulture and winning a category has brought Flowers from the Farm to the notice of a different breed of professional.

    It was late when we left: Niki to catch the last train out of Waterloo and I to walk back the length of Southampton Row confident that no mugger was going to attack a woman wielding a very heavy metal trophy.

    Church clocks struck one and this Cinderella in her sparkly dress and heels came back to Earth with a bump - and arrived back at the palatial surroundings of her dormitory bunk in St Pancras Youth Hostel."


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