Find a Christmas workshop - even though it's only October....

Article Published By Flowers From The Farm on Oct 23 2019


    Instagram is already full of autumn wreaths and flower growers and florists everywhere are behaving like demented floral squirrels, hoarding dried treasures from summer in readiness for workshops to make seasonal round things.  So excuse me for mentioning the dreaded C word before the pumpkins of Halloween have started to wizen and moulder in the great compost heap of the eternal hereafter, but Christmas workshop dates across the country are already started to bear the words “FULLY BOOKED”.

    Event managers for venues start thinking about booking Christmas workshop tutors as early as June, and tickets are often snapped up by the end of September.  But never fear, with so many Flowers from the Farm members offering festive sessions, dressing up wreath bases in all ways known to man and beast, you're sure to have something happening in your area.  Some flower growers demonstrate how to wrangle willow wands into wreath bases to decorate with seasonal ingredients, others will take you foraging on their plots for pliable stems to twist into wild escaping wreath forms, and others will give your ready-mossed bases for you to  fill with as many evergreens, feathers, ribbons and baubles as you can possibly cram into them.  



    Part of the success of Christmas wreath making sessions is that once people discover this gloriously creative way to kickstart the festive season, surrounded by the evocatively Christmassy scents of resinous evergreens, a wreath making workshop rapidly becomes part of a personal Christmas tradition, becoming a fixture on the calendar for groups of friends, as well as for mother and daughter moments. 

    To get your creative juices flowing, here are 10 wreaths, lovingly created with seasonal ingredients by members of Flowers from the Farm. How will you decorate yours?

    An evocatively cosy display by, Lockerbie.


    Fresh eucalyptus and dried helichrysums by, Buckinghamshire.


    Fully dressed in evergreen best by, Somerset.

    Wild and willowy by, Bristol.


    Christmas wreath making workshops by members of Flowers from the Farm

    Dramatic and delicate indoor wreath by, Lancashire


    Find a Christmas wreath making workshop UK

    Textural and twiggy by, Shropshire


    Keep it local - a Scottish borders wreath with heather by, Berwick-upon-Tweed.


    Make the most of moss., Somerset.


    Find a Christmas wreath making workshop via Flowers from the Farm's website.

    Wound with wibbon. (sorry, couldn't help it)., Yorkshire.


    Always match your socks to your wreath., Cheshire




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