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Article Published By Rebecca Sant on Apr 22 2019


    Can you tell us about the spark that inspired you to become a flower farmer? 

    Seeing the explosion of flowers and foliage in spring and realising that none of it was reflected in the shops - a true celebration of the seasons was missing.  Having locally grown flowers offers that connection to nature for people and maximises what we can grow here in Britain. 

    What is your background? 

    Speech and Language Therapist, but I grew up on a smallholding completely self sufficient in fruit, veg and dairy (and meat). 

    How and when did you get started as a flower farmer? 

    Ten years ago by using my back garden and commandeering my neighbours garden via a gate in the hedge (with her permission!) 

    Describe your business - do you consider yourself to be a flower grower, a florist or both? 

    Flower grower and florist. 

    Where are you based? Tell us about the size and location of your flower farm 

     Ayrshire, West of Scotland, growing on approximately one acre. 

    How do you sell your flowers (online, markets, farm gate etc) and to whom do you sell (public, florists, hotels etc)? 

    I mainly sell my flowers online, and to the public for weddings, workshops, bouquets and funerals and also surplus to florists via a new online platform called FlowerScout. 

    What’s been the highlight of your flower-farming career so far? 

    I have had the privilege of working at some interesting wedding venues, running a workshop on dyeing materials with own grown flowers and generally working with the seasons is very satisfying. 

    Do you offer workshops? 


    What are your hopes and visions for the future of your business? 

    To split the business to be able to supply florists consistently and for me to develop my creative style/signature floristry style with confidence and continue to teach others. I also hope to use the flower farm as a therapeutic environment for people (linked to communication disorders) some day. 

    What aspects of being a FFTF member do you most value? 

    The forum, being able to ask questions, the community, joint events and the publicity it offers. 

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