My pick of the tulips

Article Published By Flowers From The Farm on Mar 22 2021


    By Liz Fallon, Cotswold Posy Patch

    At Cotswold Posy Patch, we love growing tulips! We're captivated by their stunning colours, bold shapes and the eye-catching markings that are revealed when they open up. The varieties available through the supermarkets and wholesalers tend to be short stemmed with small heads so artisan flower growers usually deliberately grow larger, more unusual varieties as these are more popular with customers. When choosing which varieties to grow, we tend to focus on the large Darwin hybrids and the later flowering large cottage garden varieties, plus some of the parrots and doubles. We treat them as annuals, pulling the whole plant out of the ground, bulb and all, in order to get as long a stem length as possible.


    There are so many amazing tulip varieties that it would be impossible to include all of our favourites, so here are our top 5.


    Sweet Impression

    Tulip Sweet Impression - grown by Cotswold Posy Patch
    Probably our favourite tulip! It is reliably amazing every year and has huge heads on very long, strong stems. It starts a pale pink with green stripes up the buds but opens to a lovely soft pink with striking markings visible when the flower opens up. The beauty of the flower is matched by that of the foliage which has delicate pink stripes on the leaves.


    Apricot Pride

    Tulip Apricot Pride is a beautiful cut flower grown by artisan flower farmers. Photo: Cotswold Posy Patch
    Another close contender for the top spot. This is a sought after variety in pale blush peach, very much the colour of the moment. As with Sweet Impression, it has huge heads and long, sturdy stems. This one is very popular with florists.


    Apricot Parrot

    A massed group of Apricot Parrot tulips - dramatic frilled flowers loved by florists for wedding flowers. Photo: Cotswold Posy Patch.
    This variety starts off a subtle shade of apricot but as it ages and its large frilly petals open up fully, it reveals a fiery mix of tropical colours with flashes of green.



    Tulip Madonna is a popular spring cut flower with a large white head and green veined markings on the petals. Photo: Cotswold Posy Patch
    A wonderful white and green parrot tulip. It is particularly stunning in wedding arrangements.


    La Belle Époque'

    A gorgeous romantic tulip wedding bouquet in soft lemons and the coffee coloured tones of Belle Epoque tulips. Photo: Cotswold Posy Patch.
    Tulips look wonderful en masse on their own but also add a striking focal point to mixed flower arrangements. Here, tulip 'La Belle Époque', often considered a tricky colour to combine with others, looks stunning with wallflower 'Sunset Apricot', Eschscholzia californica 'Alba' and tulip 'Alabaster'.


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