Our Favourite Flower Farmer tools

Article Published By Flowers From The Farm on Feb 2 2017

    #Britishflowers hour – 30th January 2017 – Favourite Tools

    This week’s #britishflowers hour involved discussion about our favourite tools as a grower/farmer. The hour was hosted by Gill Hodgson (@thepatientmole) and @TeenyWeenyFarm, with Mike Rogers (@sofaflyer) helping and Jess Streeter (@SussexRoses) note taking!

    Our favourite tools include (but are not limited to!):

    • A JCB for larger sites and tasks!, (but not all of us have access to them, so the conversation continued with the following hand tools)
    • Secateurs – recommended are Felco (they now do left handed ladies size ones No 16) or Burgon and Ball do ones a similar size to scissors.
    • Stainless steel bulb planter, either a dibber version or one that digs into the ground.
    • Plant labels and pencils
    • Oscillating hoe.
    • Scissors.
    • Plastic trugs – great for collecting debris and weeds.
    • Rake.
    • Rotavator.
    • Soil blockers – the mini20 is ideal for small seeds. (watch out for a report about them after #Brum17
    • Gloves – Burgon and Ball, Clas Olsen, Showa, builder’s gloves.
    • Grow lights for propagation.
    • Baler twine.
    • Wheelbarrows.
    • Propane weed burner – burns holes well in Mypex when planting out.
    • Overalls can be helpful if you’ve got lots of errands to do through the day, means you can take them off and be clean to pick the kids up from school!

    Next week will be hosted by Ben Ranyard (@higgeldygarden) and we will be discussing seeds, so join us on Twitter at 8pm on Monday with the hashtag #britishflowers (if you are not too tired after #Brum17 !)

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