Social Media Marketing - How to promote our flowers

Article Published By Flowers From The Farm on Nov 27 2017

    Notes from #Britishflowers Hour 27th November 2017 - Social media marketing of our flowery businesses

    Hosted by Kirsty @teenyweenyfarm, Cel @fgflowers and with Mike @sofaflyer helping out.

    A fast and furious hour with plenty of information about different social media platforms for marketing business.

    So the first big question was:-

    What’s your favourite Social media platform?

    Instagram and Twitter were right at the top, with Instagram being what people said they used the most, particularly when mobile. A very visual platform and easy to use “in the field” with a good phone camera.

    Facebook was the least liked platform, with several tweeters not wanting to start a page.


    When asked which was the most Effective channel ?

    • Instagram (for connecting with florists and brides) and 
    • Facebook (for connecting with local customers) came out top.

    Sharing posts between several different platforms was discussed, - A way to “cover more ground” or how to “put off customers”?

    Here’s what we thought:-

    “Tweeting just links to pictures on FB and IG annoys me! “

    “I find it irritating when it's all the same post “

    I tailor mine too. Really don't like auto cross posting, I just scroll right past. If I'm on a platform, want to see post relevant to that platform. Who has time for it to load! 

    The next main topic was

    Any tips for growing a FaceBook following without being too pushy?! 

    • write regularly, and give your story as well as pictures of the flowers
    • ask questions to get responses
    • ask everyone who likes any of your posts to like your page
    • do small local promotions using the ability to find local (within 10 miles or a postcode) customers

    Then we talked about Blogging and Video, - all agreed it’s easy to get started but that lots of time is needed to be put into it to keep going. - Full marks to @sofaflyer for his regular blogging over many years. - Short blogs often get read more. but longer blogs (and post on Instagram and facebook) get more comments. Planning was mentioned by many but no-one had managed to keep to a plan, and several people spoke about needing to be in the “right frame of mind” to write

    Don’t forget that all Social media platforms could close at any time…. Losing you all your “Followers” - if people are really interested can they find your website and email marketing?

    Last of all What are you top tips?

    from @theflowerfarmer

    Be consistent, v high quality photographs, share the whole story but don't forget to sell what you do #britishflowers - & think of diff soc MED platforms as diff outlets in diff towns so the tone changes accordingly. #britishflowers 

    from @teenyweenyflowerfarm

    I've found its OK to admit I don't know it all, to talk about what has gone right as well as what has gone wrong, for the 1st year on FB I used the #flowerfarmingapprentice and people seemed to like both the honesty & the sense of following the journey #britishflowers

    from @Plantpassion

    My tip is…. Find out where your customers are. Florists love instagram, brides love insta and pinterest, my local ladies who love flowers are Facebook fans #britishflowers




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