Spring Colour with Biennials!

Article Published By Amber Partner on Jun 27 2020


    Amber Partner, Howe Farm Flowers


    Biennials are a must have for any cut flower garden. Sown now they will fill that lonely month of May, when all your bulbs have finished flowering but your hardy annuals and perennials haven’t quite got started.

    Here at Howe Farm Flowers there are two biennials we would be lost without - Sweet Williams and Sweet Rocket. Sweet Williams may be thought of as an old fashioned flower, but there are several varieties that will make your heart sing. Try ‘Sooty’ for a beautiful deep burgundy or ‘Alba’ for a versatile white that complements any arrangement. We are particularly fond of ’Newport Pink’ which, bunched together, can be mistaken for a lovely head of hydrangea!

    Sweet rocket comes in purple and white and the lovely bouncy blooms have the most delicious scent. Be sure to stake these well as they can grow quite tall and are susceptible to being blown over in strong wind.

    Other biennials include Honesty, which is fantastic for its paper thin seed heads, Foxgloves, Daucus Carota which will keep coming the whole season long and a personal favourite Campanula, or Canterbury Bells, which comes in blue, white and rose.

    Sow your biennial seeds now and plant out healthy young plants in the autumn before the first frosts. Once in the ground you can forget about them until they show new growth in Spring,  and in then in May you’ll have fantastic, beautiful blooms!

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