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A wild looking bouquet of late winter flowering shrubs in pink and white by Ravenshill Flower Farm.

A gallery of beautiful blooms

Watch the seasons turn with sensational flowers and fabulous foliage from Flowers from the Farm members.

Flowering now in the UK

We bring you the pick of the crop from our members this season and what’s inspiring us on our flower farms right now.

Winter posies of pink hellebores and red tulips by Chamomile and Cornflowers.

Hellebores and tulips add colour to late winter foliage in these delightful posies by Chamomile and Cornflowers in Worcestershire.

A winter bridal bouquet of pink, white and yellow flowers and green foliage by Wye Valley Flowers.

Pink Hellebores nestle perfectly amongst yellow Narcissi, white tulips and winter foliage in this bridal bouquet by Wye Valley Flowers, Gloucestershire.

A winter bouquet made with a combination of fresh silvery foliages and dried plumes of pampas grass, teasels, dried lavender, gypsophila and hydrangea.

Combine dried flowers and seed heads with silvery foliages for a gorgeous winter bouquet, like this one by Beamsley Blooms, Yorkshire.

Pink catkins of Salix 'Mount Aso' blooming at Clodhopper Blooms.

Salix 'Mount Aso' produces pretty pink catkins in early spring, captured here by Clodhopper Blooms in Cumbria.

Pink Hellebores and yellow Mahonia flowers in a late winter bouquet.

Fragrant yellow Mahonia flowers add brightness and scent to spring flower arrangements (photo courtesy of Wye Valley Flowers, Gloucestershire).

Simple snowdrops in a cut glass bud vase make a lovely arrangement to be appreciated up close.

Dainty snowdrops are sometimes all that's needed for a simple yet beautiful arrangement like this one by Tuckshop Flowers, Birmingham.

Yellow Hammemelis flowers in snow

Witch hazel (Hammemelis) blooms in late winter and early spring, providing colour and scent to gardens and flower arrangements (photo courtesy of Tuckshop Flowers, Birmingham).

British grown Paperwhite Narcissi

British-grown Paperwhite Narcissi bring fragrance and delicate beauty to our homes during winter (photo courtesy of Clodhopper Blooms, Cumbria).

A dried flower bouquet of purple, white and yellow flowers.

Dried flowers give us lots of colours to enjoy like the purples and yellows in this bouquet by Harebell & Bee, Gloucestershire.

Red hellebores, salix and foliage in an early spring bouquet.

This lovely early spring bouquet by the Spotted Dog Flower Co in Lincolnshire features red Hellebores, salix and white tulips.