Chelsea 2018


Five weeks to go and it’s STILL too early in our Chelsea count-down to start talking about the flowers. Instead, there’s a long list of tasks that are slowly being ticked off … 40,000 smart postcards are at the printers: the smart aprons that our members will wear while on duty at Chelsea have arrived and the [less pretty] hi-vis jackets that we have to wear while building the stand are here too. People tend to imagine we flower farmers spend our time dressed in floral pinnys and carrying vintage trugs … if only they could see us in our hi-vis and steel toe-capped boots! The 2018 show season kicked off this week with RHS Cardiff Flower Show where the Flowers From The Farm team picked up a Silver Medal and gave our Chelsea team a high target to aim for. Next we need the sunshine to bring on our beautiful British flowers. ...

The image on the slider is from last year’s Great Yorkshire Show but we’ll be smiling just as widely in just six weeks when the months of preparation for our first ever stand at RHS Chelsea Flower Show bear fruit.

As a not-for-profit organization with no sponsor and run entirely by volunteers we haven’t got access to the deep pockets of the big commercial stands and we are working on a shoestring. Fortunately, we’re a creative bunch and the lack of a big budget just adds to the challenge.

In sheds all over the country, our members are busy sawing, sanding and hammering: they’re glueing and painting: they’re watching over the seedlings sown back in September and they’re watching the clock.

Because, when you’re taking British flowers back in to the most famous flower show in the whole wide World, you need to get it right.