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  • This is what I call 'a snippy pot'. Everyone needs one for all those tiny pretty bits which just get in the way when you're making a hand-tied bouquet. They often end up being my favourite things and this tiny glass cruet always makes me smile with satisfaction. I'm easily pleased.... #seekthesimplicity #leftovers #weddingflowers #itsthelittlethings #flowersofinstagram #britishflowers #nigella #hydrangea #recycle
  • Selections now made for the bride and bridesmaid and DIY buckets all ready to go. The thing that always strikes me when I work with DIY buckets is how much of their cost lies in the time you spend on them. By the time I'd finished on the buckets for this wedding, I worked out that with picking time, travel, conditioning (cleaning stems etc), and choosing combinations to go into buckets there is over an hour of time per bucket. So if you're a bride going down this route, or a new grower planning to supply buckets of flowers for weddings, be aware that there is much more to pricing what you sell than simply counting the number of stems. Especially if the grower has cut and conditioned the flowers for you. Not the same as Pick Your Own. #getthepriceright #workingwithflowers #diyflowers #sellingtoflorists #diybride #britishflowers #wildflowers #rusticwedding
  • As I couldn't find the supplements I wanted through the 'normal' commercial route of the wholesale markets, I was thrilled to bits with my delicate, perfumed and perfect haul from Liz at Blossomfields - one of my nearest Flowers from The Farm members. Always a pleasure to visit her amazing garden, have a natter and there was even tea and a hot cross bun thrown in. If you are a florist and are looking for something to make your bouquets and arrangements sing, find your nearest local grower who offers flowers for florists via the search facility on It's worth it for the wow that #britishflowers bring. #flowersforflorists #flowergrower #locallygrown #slowflowers #simplethings
  • I'm a bit rubbish at reposting. So this one is to say huge congrats to East Anglia fftf on your GOLD medal at Sandringham show. See @moatfarmflowers for pics of the stand. #medalwinner #gold #anotheroneforthecabinet #congratulations #winner #britishflowers #moreawards
  • On a 'props' run this morning lending my skinny wooden dresser to the marvellous team of @gilliflowerwem and Liz of Blossomfields who are planning the Flowers from the Farm stand at Shrewsbury show in August. Doing shows is a great way to show people the difference British flowers make to the style and character of floristry. I would say it's a 'show, don't tell' approach, but there will be lots of telling going on as well! This is the first time we've had a stand at Shrewsbury and it's fantastic to have enthusiastic West Midlands members like Gill and Liz who are willing to take a lead and instigate new events for us. Thank you fab ladies and to everyone else who is helping out at our events this year. #teamwork @shrewsburyflowershow #britishflowers #lendahand #littlehouseontheprairie (you'll see....) #propstyling #furnitureontour
  • These hypericum from the last Flowers from the Farm Kolster bulk buy are just starting to do their thing. Daren't cut too many off my small shrub but can't resist a hit of them in this weekend's ivory, blue and lemon wedding. Flowers from the Farm bulk buys are one of bonuses of membership as you get access to high quality plants and unusual varieties which would be expensive bought at garden centre retail rates, and that's if you could find them. #bulkbuy #joinus #hypericum #slowflowers #flowersofinstagram #locallygrown #white #ivory #rainyday
  • Another early start but I don't mind when it looks like this. Dropping my son off at the farm, this is the view at a local beauty spot which I shared with just one dog walker this morning. I've been to the horticulture market in town (not much British grown bloomage to be had with the notable exceptions of @smithandmunson lilies and Harrington's gyp. There is usually more to choose from but I guess it is partly the July slump in flower purchases as people set off on holiday. I'm now off to cut flowers in the rain which has just arrived after this gorgeous start to the day. Not complaining too much as we've been bone dry in Birmingham for ages so it's still needed. #earlymornings #lickeyhills #igersbham #sunrise #britishflowers #goodmorning
  • Funeral boots? These were actually made for a hiker's wedding but would be equally fantastic for a funeral- which kind of proves my point that there are no 'funeral flowers' - just flowers. #nosuchthingasfuneralflowers #tuckshopfunerals #celebratelife #slowflowers #britishflowers #theseboots #meindl
  • Funeral flowers are in big need of a shake up. If my kids put 'MUM' in chrysanthemums on me, I'll jump out of my coffin and bite them! If like me you don't want 'traditional' flowers and are looking for very personal, natural flowers to reflect the person you're celebrating, visit to find an artisan florist near you who can help. It's important that the flowers fit the person. I'm part of a local dying awareness group @brumyodo which is full of fantastic professionals involved in end of life care, making big efforts to lift the social taboo around the topic of death and dying. A 'death' equivalent of Flowers from the Farm! A fantastic community of committed people. I want my muddy gardening boots stuffed with flowers on my coffin. Everyone will recognise that as me. What kind of arrangement would you like on yours? #funeral #myfuneralwishes #funeralflowers #farewell #naturalflowers #funeralservice
  • #nofilter Just natural confetti in progress. My collection of fallen petals is too pretty to compost so will be dried and turned into the stuff that makes for the best wedding photographs. #confetti #realflowerconfetti #petalconfetti #driedpetals #scatterpetals #cornflower #rose #pink #blue
  • I see your scarlet @verde_flowers and I raise you shocking pink. Today's teacher posies going off for their six week holidays shortly. I'm a refugee from the teaching profession so am delighted to be on this side of the shocking pink posy-bags with my cheerful, but equally wilful in their own way, charges. #thankyouteacher #endofterm #locallygrown #britishflowers #pink #flowersofinstagram #thankyou #localdeliveries #noflowermiles
  • I grow my flowers in the Tuckshop's garden and on my other plot which is about 10 minute's walk away. It can be hard to manage bits of garden in different places and it would be brilliant to have everything outside the back door. Being an urban gardener has its disadvantages in this regard, but it does have upsides: I've got a big marketplace for my flowers on my doorstep so don't need to branch out into flowers by post or to travel long distances to reach my customers. If you are just starting out as a flower grower, think about where your ideal customers are and how you're going to reach them - it's one of keys to surviving as a business. #tuckshopgarden #urbangardening #britishflowers #flowersofinstagram #slowflowers #weedstagram #itusedtobelawn