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  • It's a very exciting day here @littleparkflowers as the first batch of tulip bulbs have arrived! They have come way too soon because I won't start planting them until late November or early December but it's exciting because for me they mark the beginning of my business and my season. The planning, planting and waiting for them to emerge in spring gets me through the long, dark, cold days of winter....Tulips were the first flowers I ever sold. Suddenly my pipe dream was a reality and I had to find buyers for my beautiful crop😳.....Anyway, it's amazing how the fear of failing can galvanise you into action and in the end I sold almost all of them and more than covered my costs. I think they remain my favourite flower to grow and harvest (though I do keep finding new favourites:), in spite of the back ache involved in planting them...I'm not talking about the short stubby dried up apologies for tulips that you find in most supermarkets but these lovingly grown, crisp, squeaky and freshly picked voluptuous ones which dance and grow in the vase.... now these are something special! #tulips #renewal #bulbs #springflowers #squeakystems #apricotparrot #springharvest #freshlypicked #grownwithlove #flowersmakeyouhapoy #berkshire #berkshireflowers #Berkshireflorists #flowerswithsoul #flowerfarming #specialflowers
  • Hello! Sorry for this late post but days don't always go to plan here @littleparkflowers! (and perhaps you'll hear that I'm a little tired...) In the middle of picking my flowers - and trying to get it all done before the rain😬- I was telephoned by my daughter to say that I needed to take her to 'minor injuries' because she might have broken or dislocated her elbow! (ouch!) She's turned out to be fine but three hours later, I had to pick my flowers in the rain and much later than I should...I always try to watch the weather and plan my picking to get the very best out of my flowers so that they last as long as possible in the vase. A dry, early morning is best but realistically it doesn't always work like that in this lovely climate of ours!:) Anyway, today's picking in the drizzle was actually lovely. The flowers look so beautiful with raindrops on them. Now my flowers are resting, drying off and having a good long drink in my flower room ready for me to arrange them later. I usually spend Thursday evening working, as it is often my busiest day of the week. Tonight, I will be preparing jam jar posies for sale @theblackbirdcafe as well as gift bouquets for delivery tomorrow morning. Emma, at the Blackbird Cafe is another one of my greatest supporters, by the way...and she runs a very cool cafe. Pop in and see her if you're ever in Bucklebury... #blackbirdcafe #bucklebury #pickingintherain #thursday #grownnotflown #flowersfromthefarm #giftbouquets #fridayflowers #cool #thatchair #jam jar flowers #jugglinglife #dahlias #sweetpeas #ammi #cornflowers #britishflowers #englishcountrygardenflowers
  • So back to my theme of flowers making you happy….One of the loveliest things about my first two years of growing cut flowers has been the fantastic people I've met along the way. From my very first tentative exploration of the idea with Lindsey from @thewhitehorseflowercompany, I have received nothing but encouragement and support from her and a wonderful band of other flower growers, florists, friends, family and my local community. It seems to me that this is a world made up of the kindest and most generous of people. Perhaps it’s because we are working with such beautiful, tactile and scented things or perhaps it is because without each other we’d be nothing. The flower industry, whether you are a florist or a grower is not at all easy. The challenges of making it viable at all, are immense and we rely heavily on mutually supportive relationships. These relationships are what make it so interesting, so satisfying and so much fun! We're a disparate bunch of people of all ages and backgrounds but we share our passion for flowers, a good laugh and cake! 😃#flowersfromthefarm #florists #growers #floristgrowers #happiness #community #flowerindustry #sweet peas #dahlias #grown not flown #flowerfriends #lovewhatyoudo #seasonalflowers #britishflowers #berkshire #berkshireflorist #thank you
  • My flowery journey started with a single bunch of sweet peas, beautifully wrapped and presented along with a selection of delicious cakes in a local cafe. The label led me to @gandgorgeousflowers where I spent a heavenly afternoon chatting to Rachel and walking amongst her amazing flowers. Actually, it probably started a long time before that with my mother. I was brought up in Africa and then the Caribbean where our bland and basic company houses needed to made into homes. Wherever we lived mum would always pick fresh flowers for the house from the garden - hibiscus, bougainvillea, canna lilies etc I don't think I understood it at the time but that simple act was an important part of grounding us in each new place - wherever she put her flowers was our home. Many years later, and struggling to come to terms with living in England, I discovered the joy of growing things myself and began to bring flowers into our own home. Just after buying the sweet peas and meeting Rachel, life became pretty tough for me for a while and I found my rescue in the garden. It is my happy place and grounds me in a way that is hard to explain. I honestly think it made me better. Two years later and I found myself in the lucky situation of having some land and Little Park Flowers was born. My ambition is to spread a bit of happiness through my flowers and the workshops and events that I can host amongst them ... and it really works! A dear friend and customer recently told me that the flowers I provided for her goddaughter's party fed her soul for a week. What more could I hope for? That is exactly how I feel when I work amongst them - amazed, delighted and nourished by the sheer magic of them and the environment they sustain. #sweetpeas #greenandgorgeousflowers #feedingthesoul #gardening #planting #growing #joyofflowers #flowersmakeyouhappy #britishflowers #lifesupsanddowns #berkshire #berkshire flowers #thank you #flowerfarming
  • Hi everyone, it's my turn to takeover the FFtF Instagram feed so I thought I'd start by introducing myself to you all. My name is Jill and this picture says it all shy; glasses on head because I've passed that 40years (and perhaps a little bit more!😉); always finding myself in the wrong clothes as I juggle picking flowers with the school runs; pretty messy in the patch because I never have enough time.... but revelling in it all because I love what I do! I'll write more later but for now, a big thank you to @mulberryhouseflowers for last week's insights and a warm welcome to my world. Have a wonderful day wherever you are. #flowers #littleparkflowers #grownwithlove #britishflowers #flowersfromthefarm#bucketsofflowers #seasonalflowers #grownnotflown #berkshire
  • Well I've had a fabulous week talking to you all and would like to thank you so much for the continued interaction. There is clearly a huge amount of support for British Flowers and I feel very proud to be a small part of it. I would love to continue to share my flowery journey with you @mulberryhouseflowers so do come over and say 'Hi' but for now, I will leave you in the capable hands of Jill @littleparkflowers. I'm off to finish scoffing that apple crumble...night, night! #grownnotflown #flowerfarmer #instatakeover #instagramhost #mulberryhouseflowers #applecrumble #autumnseason #flowersfromthefarm #seasonalblooms #seasonalflowers
  • Off to the dahlia festival @kelmarshhall today. This wonderful walled kitchen garden is home to many varieties with the promise of lots of new ones to see too! #dahlialove #seasonalblooms #seasonalfowers #britishgrown #walledgarden #flowersfromthefarm #nancylancaster #mulberryhouseflowers
  • Up and down the country, flower farmers are slowly winding down the season but still have an eye on next year. Sowing hardy annuals, preparing beds, planting bulbs, consulting records. It's a varied and exciting year. One of my favorite Spring flowers is the ranunculus and many of us have just taken delivery of our claws, which will be soaked and planted in the coming weeks. It's hard to believe that such a beautiful bloom comes from these strange little energy stores. #bulkbuy #ranunculus #autumnplanting #flowerfarmer #britishblooms #britishflowers #grownnotflown #flowersfromthefarm #mulberryhouseflowers
  • Last night I grabbed my union jack bunting, snipped a few blooms and headed on out to talk to a lovely local garden club. I was thrilled to learn that most of the audience did actually have a designated cut flower patch and I could show them how to make best use of their wonderful blooms! @mulberryhouseflowers #sharingthelove #seasonalblooms #dahlia #bestofbritish #grownnotflown #mulberryhouseflowers #cropwellbutler #britishblooms #cafeaulaitdahlias
  • Did you know that many of the growers and florists who are part of the @flowersfromthefarm network, offer courses? Do take a look at the website and use the interactive map to find a location near you. We've had a lovely morning making hand tied bouquets and eating cake!! @mulberryhouseflowers . . . . #floristrycoursesleicestershire #handtiedbouquet #britishgrown #grownnotflown #seasonalblooms #flowerbarn #flowersofinstagram #victoriasponge #flowerfarmerflorist #dahlia #amaranthus #flowersfromthefarm #dahliacafeaulait
  • Rome wasn't built in a day! It's so important to take a step back and celebrate how far you've come. @mulberryhouseflowers . . #followyourdreams #patience #hardgraft #reapwhatyousow
  • I woke up to find @flowersfromthefarm had just tipped 5,000 followers...woohooo! How fantastic is that!!! @mulberryhouseflowers . . . . #5000 #grownnotflown #britishflowers #bestofbritish #dahlia