Gill Hodgson

    “Hello and welcome; I hope that my experience might encourage you to enter a new wonderful world – that of the flower farmer.

    After a couple of years of selling flowers at the gate of our farm in the East Riding of Yorkshire, I expanded my growing and took a stall at Driffield farmers’ market.  It was there – face to face with my customers – that I recognized the immense potential for more and more people to grow cut flowers for their local markets.

    People queued up to smell my flowers and to buy them: customers reminisced about gardens they had known and they talked fondly about the people who had grown them. It was immediately obvious that flowers went straight to the heart of everyone who saw them, and who had believed that seasonal flowers were a thing of the past.

    I wanted to join an association of other growers: people who were as excited as I was by the possibilities of British flowers.  I searched for such an organisation without success and one breakfast time, between one bite of toast and the next, decided to form one.

    And so, in 2011, Flowers from the Farm was born.

    I had help from Yorkshire Forward, from the NFU and from the CLA.  A press release caught the eye of an editor at The Yorkshire Post and the resulting article brought the BBC to my door.

    That slot on Breakfast Time one Sunday morning was the start of a steady trickle of new members which has strengthened over the years and built Flowers from the Farm into the important national organization it is today.

    Read the pages on this site, be inspired and discover a new career.

    You won’t regret it.”

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