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    Can I join Flowers from the Farm if I live outside the United Kingdom?
    Only UK-based applicants can join Flowers from the Farm.
    Am I ready to join Flowers from the Farm?
    You can join Flowers from the Farm at any stage of your flower growing journey. We have members who are only at the planning stage of their flower growing venture, right through to established businesses who have been trading for years. Anyone wishing to earn a living through growing or using British grown flowers is welcome to join us. If you are only wanting to gain experience in growing or arranging to decide if this is the right path for you, why not take a look at our events diary and explore the courses offered by our members?
    I only grow on a small scale - do I count ?
    There is no minimum size of growing area required to join us. Many of our members grow in back gardens and on allotments, while others are based on working farms, or have smallholdings dedicated to flower growing. Urban or rural, we welcome flower growers large and small - our main priority is that you're passionate about growing and using seasonal, British grown flowers and would like to help us spread the word.
    But there's already a Flowers from the Farm member near that a problem?
    It's always tricky when you are in close proximity to someone running a business similar to yours. But, as is the way with any business, the right to a local monopoly does not exist.  It may be that you are offering something different to customers,  or are in fact going after completely different market sectors. There is no distance restriction in operation between members and we hope that the spirit of support and collaboration which lies at the core of our organisation will help you to build useful ties with other members in your region - both near and far.
    I'm a florist, not a flower grower. Can I join Flowers from the Farm?
    We welcome florists who are committed to using and promoting seasonal British grown flowers in their work. Joining Flowers from the Farm will help you to meet and forge great working relationships with growers in your region, via both regional meetings and online forums. Being part of your local Flowers from the Farm team will also provide you with opportunities to showcase your skills with seasonal ingredients at high profile flower shows, and to market your own business as well as the work of FFTF.  We do ask, however,  that the Flowers from the Farm logo and #britishflowers social media hashtags are used with honesty and integrity on your website and social media, and that they are not used in association with work featuring mainly imported flowers.

    But what if I'm not ready to trade yet?

    You have the option not to have a public profile on the Flowers from the Farm website straight away, but other members will be able to find you. 



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