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Alice’s Meadow is the name given to a small field in the Oxfordshire parish of Fencott and Murcott, England. It became the focus of a campaign by local people and Friends of the Earth in the 1980s, who opposed government plans to route the M40 motorway across Otmoor. The name ‘Alice’s Meadow’ is a reference to Lewis Carroll‘s book 'Through the Looking-Glass', which is said to have been partly inspired by the ‘chessboard-like’ field pattern of Otmoor. It lies to the north of Otmoor, between Fencott and Murcott, and was directly on a proposed route for the motorway, which would then have continued, bisecting Otmoor. Wild flowers including Fritillaries grown here.  The snake’s head fritillary is the county flower of Oxfordshire. This entry is not a place where someone grows British flowers.  It is a place where British flowers grow.  Everyone is welcome to visit it.