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Hi, I’m Jude Aston, and with my husband Paul, I run Black Horse Farm Flowers in Killington, Sedbergh on our Western Dales smallholding in Cumbria. I offer flower arrangements for small events and funerals, local bouquets, bunches at local markets and mixed buckets of blooms and foliage for DIY events and weddings. I will be looking at offering PYO days and starting a flower club (pick and arrange your flowers with a cup of tea and a slice of cake) in the near future and offer subscription flowers. Please take a look at my website for updates or subscribe to my mailing list. I’m inspired by the desire to give nature a helping hand by providing nectar for pollinating insects and encouraging life within the soil to prosper whilst creating beauty for us to enjoy. My style is seasonal, relaxed and still developing. Generally I only use my own home-grown British flowers, however if required I can source from other local growers. I do not use pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers only feeding the soil and plants with home made teas and compost. Nature is allowed to find the balance between pests and predators, even if I lose out in the short term to pests. I do not use imported flowers as they can have a very large carbon footprint and are not usually grown in a way that fits with my beliefs of nature before profit.