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Floribunda Rose is a floral design studio in Hampshire run by Sarah Diligent and William Mazuch. Their ethos is one of consideration, using British flowers & foliage and sustainable floral mechanics. Sarah and her team have been creating luxury weddings of all sizes across the UK since 2014. Their full wedding service is individually tailored to reflect the couple, the venue and the season. For those looking for personal flowers rather than large installations for their big day, the ‘Elements’ service is a pared back offering with fixed prices and the option to collect the day before the wedding. Sarah and William recently wrote the book ‘A Guide to Floral Mechanics’ which has been a global success, since they published in 2020. Alongside weddings, the studio in Hampshire is also home to the Floribunda Rose Flower School which offers sustainable floristry courses to all, from seasoned florists to those starting out, and everyone in between. Sarah Diligent, founder of Floribunda Rose writes - “It strikes me that just as home-grown strawberries in summer taste a thousand times more indulgent than those flown in from around the world and chilled in a supermarket refrigerator in February - they lose almost all of their essence. In the same way, mass produced flowers flown in from overseas lack a certain essence of being too. These flowers are pretty; but the scent, the quirkiness, and the individuality have been bred out in favour of longevity and uniformity. Working with Flowers from the Farm, to me means enjoying something only in its season, to longing for it for months on end and to find that it smells more glorious and is more beautiful than I remembered. Working with flower farmers in the UK means that we can meet the growers, walk the land and know the provenance of every stem, and the people who picked them., We collect our flowers in buckets of water rather than wrapped in single use plastics, we know that there is no slave labour, and that the flowers we collect haven’t been sprayed with or dipped into potentially harmful chemicals. Part of what we do at Floribunda Rose is to put together flowers for a moment. I will never make the same bouquet twice - the blossom I used one week may be gone because of the frost, but the anemones could be early. On the same day a year later, we might not have had such late frosts, so I may be able to use magnolia, in an arrangement. In this way, no matter on which day of any year, the people we work with will have flowers specific to only their day. And I love that.”