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British and biodynamic flowers grown in the gardens of an artisan flour mill in the Cotswolds. Give us a call/email for buckets of flowers for weddings/DIY events/florists and fresh or dried flowers posies. We work with biodynamic principles to sow, grow and harvest edible and table flowers, and fruit and vegetables for the local market. You're welcome to visit our garden and you can buy our garden produce or flour from the mill when you're here . The garden and office are open on weekdays. We sell buckets of flowers from £35, fresh posies from £15 and dried flower posies from £7, dried flower or Christmas wreaths, soaps and linen sprays. Please call to discuss what you need to make your own flower crowns, wreaths or posies. We have loose dried flowers (statice, grasses, ammobium, straw flowers, seed heads, gypsophila and more). Christmas wreaths available from November. Our soap (with calendula flowers and lavender essential oil) uses olive oil from our farm in Abruzzo, Italy. We distill rose petals, lavender, fig leaves, lemon balm etc to make linen sprays. Olive oil and lavender soap: 95g bar for £3 Plant hydrosols: 50ml for £5 100ml for £8 rose linen spray lavender linen spray fig leaf linen spray lemon balm linen spray rosemary linen spray Moroccan mint linen spray peppermint linen spray availability subject to change You can also book mill tours, which are on Saturdays 01666505050. If you'd like to order your posy in advance, please call or email me. We cut flowers between June and October, after that we have dried flowers for sale.