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About My Business

I'm Rebecca, and I run two creative flower businesses. As The Botanical Dyer, I create beautiful plant-dyed silk ribbons using plants grown in my pesticide-free garden and foraged from nearby hedgerows and woodland. I strive to be as sustainable as possible in my methods and offer an eco-conscious alternative to synthetically dyed and mass produced ribbons. You can find out more about my processes and luxurious silks on the About page of my Etsy shop.

As well as growing dye ingredients, I grow strawflowers alongside a few other varieties that are good for drying. My strawflowers are wired onto 30 cm wires for bouquets and arrangements, and onto short bendy wires for wreath and buttonhole making. I also sell the flowerheads for crafters, as well as some of my own creations.

I grow a limited amount of cut flowers too, so if you're a local florist looking for fresh, seasonal blooms, it's always worth dropping me a line to see what's available.


What I offer

Online ordering
Dried Flowers
Event flowers
Florist using local, seasonal flowers
Flowers by post
Flowers for florists
Flowers for photoshoots

My Blog Articles

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May 30 2019

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Apr 22 2019

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Apr 5 2019

Twitter Hour discussion on February 11th, hosted by Jill Smith and Claire Brown. Notes by Rebecca Sant

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Apr 4 2019

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Feb 14 2019

Congratulations to Caroline Onions on winning FFTF's Best New Member Award 2019

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Feb 13 2019

Liz Fallon from The Cotswold Posy Patch tells us how she grows her beautiful sweet peas

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Be part of The Flower Farmers' Big Weekend 16-18 August 2019

Jan 5 2019

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Dec 5 2018

Camila and Marianne tell us how they became flower growers and their hopes and ambitions for the future of British flowers

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Nov 26 2018

Ben Cross, aka Alstroemeria Ben, has been nominated for Best New Member in the South East.

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Nov 20 2018

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Nov 14 2018

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Mar 26 2018

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Mar 16 2018

Notes on Biennials from #Britishflowers Twitter Hour Monday 12th March, 2018

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Flowers from the Farm

Season extension: growing early and late

Oct 18 2017

#Britishflowers Twitter Hour on October 16th 2017

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