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Nestled in the foothills of the Welsh mountains at the meeting place between the ancient counties of Herefordshire, Shropshire and Powys, you’ll find British flower grower and floral designer Tammy Hall hard at work on the Wild Bunch flower farm. Our field grown flowers are grown with love: they have been nurtured, not forced. They are of their time, of their season. The colours, scents, textures and shapes of our wide variety of English country garden flowers just can’t be matched by commercially produced flowers. Our flowers are beautiful, wild, unpredictable, varied, natural and soulful. They will slow you down and make your day. Tammy is one of the increasing number of small-scale flower farmers in the UK who is responding to an increased demand for home grown flowers. UK consumers, well aware of the benefits of buying food that is local, seasonal and organic, are turning their attention to the provenance of their flowers. With a dramatic landscape as her backdrop, Tammy runs workshops for growers and florists, and provides her unique style of floral design for weddings and events. You can also enjoy her flowers straight from the farm, buying bouquets, buckets of cut flowers or during one of her regular PYO days. We can offer flowers for many bespoke events or wholesale to florists, please get in touch for more details.