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Hi! I'm Jenn Celine Florence, owner and head flower lover over here at Wylde Florence. We're based in Helensburgh (just 30 mins from Glasgow and 15 mins from Loch Lomond) with our main plot nestled on the banks of the Clyde within the beautiful Ardardan Estate. We are an artisanal flower farm working on a relatively small scale using sustainable practices to grow with the seasons, making as much beauty as possible along the way. I try to source unusual varieties that you wouldn't normally be able to get from an importer, with a focus on scented blooms with a romantic edge. I never use any chemicals on my flowers and we are a peat free farm, we try to be as kind to the earth as we can. I sell in a few different ways - to lovely local retail customers (via DIY bloom buckets and Friday bunches) and wholesale - to wonderfully creative floral designers and seasonally supportive florists. Thanks so much for checking out Wylde Florence, if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to get in touch! Cheers, Jenn