When you become a member of Flowers from the Farm [FFTF] you will be part of a region.

The country is divided into 9 regions and yours will be your ‘home’ at FFTF.

FFTF holds two national annual conferences a year – but they might be held a long way from your base and having regions makes it possible for us to hold smaller meetings nearer to where you are. Even then, some of the regions are quite large and you’ll need to be willing to travel to meet up with other growers. Of course, you can always help your co-ordinator by arranging extra meetings within the region!

You’ll be asked to choose your region from a drop-down menu. It’s up to you to choose which one and you’ll receive a welcome email from the co-ordinator once you’ve joined.

As well as organizing local meetings, your co-ordinator will also invite you to help build displays at shows: these are great opportunities to work with others; to hand out your own business cards and to show more British flowers off to the public.

Like all the people who make FFTF into such a great network, your co-ordinator is a volunteer running a flower farm or floristry business as well as helping the region to grow. Please help him/her wherever possible and remember the most important of our terms and conditions of membership – you will get out of it, what you put into it.

You’ll be able to pick up your co-ordinator’s contact details from their welcome email but, just in case, there's a link to them here too.

Scotland Paula Baxter
The North West Clare Ashcroft
Yorkshire and the North East Claire Clark

Wales Justine Scouller
West Midlands Carole Patilla
East Midlands Linda Clark
East Anglia [N] Sarah Hammond  aided by Frances Boscawen

The South West Sara Willman aided by Toria Britten and by Penny Sowter
The South East Niki Roberts