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I’ve got a business partner – do we both need to take out individual FFTF memberships?

A membership allows one main member whose registered email is the point of contact for all FFTF admin and communication and allows one business listing on our website directory. Where a business is a partnership or has additional staff the main member can log in to the website and register a single ‘additional member’ (or sub account) for their business.  This nominated ‘additional member’ can attend FFTF meetings and access the members area of the FFTF website. As a rule, only the main member will be permitted to join the closed facebook groups and receive emails, newsletters etc. However, the main member can put it a request to requesting that their additional member be added to the facebook group.  They must provide the additional members name, their business name and the additional members facebook account name. The main member is responsible for sharing this information with their staff member or business partner.  When/if you’re registered as a member, log in to your account and view this link for more details of how to add an additional member to your business.