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Marie-Claire, flower grower and florist at Love and Honor, holds a bucket of locally grown pink and white snapdragons in her flower plot.
Cotswold Country Cut Flowers hand tied bouquet of summer flowers wrapped in tissue for a beautiful gift bouquet

Discover the beauty of British flowers

Sustainable, seasonal and scented. Beloved by bees and grown near you.

Find your local flower farmer

With over 1,000 members nationwide, our members grow on plots of all shapes and sizes. Find out what events are being held on flower farms near you, and read more about what inspires the people behind the flowers.

Millpond Flower Farm uses its mill pond to model a crop of its freshly picked locally grown flowers as they fill a rowing boat on the water.

A greener choice

Buying locally grown flowers not only supports UK flower farmers, but also helps to reduce your carbon footprint and puts a scented country garden straight into your vase.

Keythorpe Hall Flowers - British flower farmer cutting dahlias. Photo by Shoot It Momma.

Member stories

Read about the people behind British flowers: where and what they grow, and why they made the leap into flower farming.