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Red, pink and white tulips and yellow narcissi for Valentine's Day bouquets by Wye Valley Flowers.
This beautiful late winter bouquet by Kathryn Hurst contains hellebores, daffodils and snowdrops, along with evergreen foliage, hazel and willow.

Discover the beauty of seasonal, local flowers

UK grown, sensational and scented. Loved by bees and grown near you.

Where and why we grow

Our flower farmers grow on plots of all shapes and sizes. Find out what inspires them and why it’s good to buy locally grown, seasonal blooms.

Autumn Everlasting Wreath Workshop at Fawen

A sustainable choice

Buying locally grown flowers not only supports UK flower farmers, but also helps to reduce your carbon footprint and brings the sights and scents of the season into your home.

Mark McKee of Welshborn tends his patch of annual flowers for cutting and picks vibrant orange calendula to add colour to arrangements.

Member stories

An insight into the people behind the flowers: where and what they grow, and why they made the leap into flower farming.