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Why I love Christmas wreath workshops…

Louisa Butcher, Brunstead Blooms


The short days of late November and early December cannot fail to be brightened by a group of people fashioning their own unique Christmas wreath, using sustainable techniques, materials and rich, Norfolk greenery. Whether you are unleashing your creative beast alongside friends, or searching for some peace amongst the festive busy-ness, a wreath workshop seems to give everyone a joyous couple of hours.

From walking into the studio and being hit with the forest-like scent of the foliage (all grown here on the flower farm at Brunstead Blooms) to leaving with a luxurious wreath and fun memories – it’s fabulous.

Lots of people arrive at the studio, doubting their ability to produce a wreath fit for the smartest of front doors, and they all go home being so happy with what they have put together – what a confidence boost! Each wreath is also so unique and reflective of the person creating it – it’s part of what makes it so special.

All of the foliage used in the workshops is cut from within 100 metres of the studio – we use a mix of different conifers as a base (green, lemon and blue), pittosporum, ivy, bay, variegated laurel, holly and decorate with each person’s pick of dried flowers, cones and twisted willow (all of which are also grown here on the flower farm).

It’s so wonderful to be able to share our story, what being a member of Flowers from the Farm is about and spread the word about seasonal, British flowers and foliage. In previous years we have used metal bases with sustainably sourced moss and wire – this year, the bases are made from vines, secured with twine and we’ve dispensed with the moss. Save for the ribbon, the entire wreath can be composted when it’s finished – so much more sustainable!

I’m so excited to welcome this year’s workshoppers to the studio, it’s not long now – don’t forget, you can find your nearest wreath workshop on the Flowers from the Farm events page: