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Wreaths, garlands & Mother Christmas – How flower farmers do Christmas!

All is far from calm and quiet on flower farms in the run-up to Christmas. All is actually a whirlwind of wreath-making, garland-creating and festive floral installations. Our farmer-florists across the country are busily designing finished wreaths, preparing wreath kits for you to get creative with at home, and hosting wreathing workshops. Why not seek out your local Flowers from the Farm member and treat yourself to some seasonal floral fun? For now, we throw the spotlight on a few of this season’s offerings…


Electric Daisy Flower Farm, Somerset & London
Festive florals are not just for your door or your Christmas table!

St Lucia themed portrait shoot at Electric Daisy Flower Farm, Faulkland Somerset, March 2021.

“We go big on wreaths and evergreen decorations,” says Fiona Haser-Bizony, founder of the Electric Daisy Flower Farm. “Inspired by pagan celebrations and Scandinavian festivals we have adopted St Lucia as our winter muse. Our evergreen crowns are already famous but this year we want to lighten up the dark times. We have created a mash-up of all these traditional gatherings to arrive at – Mother Christmas.”    

Fiona and her team at Electric Daisy Flower Farm shop in Highgate are staging the first ever Mother Christmas parade on Hampstead Heath on Monday, 13 December at 6pm. Come dressed in white and you will be given an evergreen crown!


Frances & Rose, Derbyshire
A mix of fresh foliage and dried flowers can create some truly unique combinations

A mix of fresh foliage and dried ingredients in this striking wreath by Frances and Rose

“Christmas is a very busy time for me and my business,” says Marianne Slater of Frances & Rose. “I host workshops here in the Peak District and I sell my ready made wreaths and other arrangements at a few local markets and for delivery or collection in the local area. My favourite things to use in my wreaths are dried grasses and flowers harvested from the summer. I make all my wreaths a little differently as I enjoy creating really unique pieces for all my customers. I also love choosing my ribbons and select rich coloured velvets that I think add that luxury Christmassy feel to the displays.

Marianne is running 6 wreath workshops at her studio  on 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th 11th and 12th December. 


The Real Flower Company, Hampshire and London
Evergreen herbs and berries are beautiful additions to a festive wreath

Fragrant herbs and festive berries in this wreath kit from The Real Flower Company

“With short days and long nights, one particularly appreciates anything green to lift the spirits,” says Rosebie Morton, founder of The Real Flower Company.  “The secret – and mission – of The Real Flower Company lies in embracing what each season brings, so in the depths of winter I’m always cheered by the aromatic scent of fragrant evergreen herbs and the rich displays of berries.”

Get in the festive mood with a wreath kit from The Real Flower Company if time allows, or buy a finished wreath for delivery. Or why not grab one of the few remaining places on their luxury wreath workshop at the Page 8 Hotel in London?


Spindle Flowers, Dorset
Zanna Hopkins of Spindle flowers uses 50 different types of foliage to create her Christmas wreaths

Zanna Hopkins of Spindle flowers uses 50 different types of foliage to create her Wild Christmas Wreaths in Bridport.

“This winter, we shall be welcoming guests for Saturday morning wreath-making courses in our beautiful new timber-frame barn for the first time, and we cannot wait!” exclaims Zanna Hoskins of Spindle Flowers. “We use a fully biodegradable dogwood and moss base, interesting and varied foliage, seed-heads, bright berries, feathers and gorgeousness from the hedgerows.”

On her 1.5 acre plot in rural Dorset, Zanna specialises in growing cut foliage, shrubs, grasses and perennials, which she harvests to use in her bespoke wreaths and her festive workshops.


Far Hill Flowers, Monmouthshire
Rich reds and greens give a classic look to this festive wreath by Justine Scouller

Rich reds and greens in this classic wreath by Justine Scouller

“I like to use what is in season, in the garden or woods or dried from earlier in the year,” explains Justine Scouller, owner of Far Hill Flowers.  “The traditional ingredients of holly and ivy are still very important and give such a festive feel but I like to mix it up with other foliage, especially rosemary and bay which both smell gorgeous and last well. I love pittosporum, the variegated is especially pretty and lightens the look of a wreath.

After demonstrating wreath-making at the Welsh Winter Show this week, Justine is running wreath workshops in early December at Far Hill Flowers and at Wyndcliffe Court.


Northumbrian Flowers
Kate Norris puts the finishing touches to a wreath

Kate Norris puts the finishing touches to a wreath of silvers and greens (RJM Photography)

“I wanted to bring my style of workshop to people’s kitchen tables wherever they were,” says Kate Norris of Northumbrian Flowers about her ‘Wreath Workshop in a Box’ concept, which she founded a few years ago when she found her face-to-face workshops oversubscribed. “I hand-pick the materials and foliages and offer guidance, but I always love to see how every finished design is unique and personal to the maker.”

Today, Christmas for Kate is a whirl of finished wreaths, Wreath Workshop in a Box kits and no fewer than 14 wreath workshop dates. 


My Flower Patch, Wiltshire
Neutral tones and a wilder feel in this beautiful festive wreath by Sara Willman

Neutral tones and a wilder feel in this wreath by Sara Willman

“I like to go a bit wild with the foliage in my wreaths,” laughs Sara Willman of My Flower Patch. “You can have a bit of fun with a wreath and mix the textures of seasonal evergreen foliage, twigs of contorted willow and wisps of dried grasses. What I love about these materials is the way the tones mellow and turn golden as they dry. Some of my customers love that effect so much that they keep their wreaths up all year round!”

December sees Sara amid a flurry of wreath workshops, store installations and custom-designed festive decorations for her clients.


Find Christmas workshops near you

If reading this this has left you itching to make your own Christmas wreath, visit our events page to see the listings of workshops being run by our members across the UK.



Wishing you a very happy Christmas from all at Flowers from the Farm!