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Why our trophy cabinet matters

When Gill Hodgson first set up Flowers from the Farm (FFTF) in 2011, her business Fieldhouse Flowers was member number one. She put out a press release to tell the world about the organisation and her reasons for starting it and this gained coverage in her regional newspaper, The Yorkshire Post. Before she could blink, Gill was asked by The Great Yorkshire Show if she’d exhibit there, so she took a deep breath, pretended she did stuff like this all the time and said yes with a lot more confidence than she actually felt.

The display was a triumph and the public loved it, and more importantly, so did Gill. Chatting with the visitors about the flowers, about growing and about her experience, she realised that flower show displays could be a hugely valuable platform for the fledgling FFTF. They allowed it to connect directly with the public on large regional stages, and even more importantly, to put scented British cut flowers right in the line of sight and under the noses of visitors.

As Flowers from the Farm member numbers grew, Gill encouraged local groups to collaborate to put on displays at flower shows across the country and every region’s experience echoed her own in Yorkshire. The public love our displays of beautifully natural, seasonal scented blooms. The show organisers love the enthusiasm of our FFTF teams and their interaction with visitors: making buttonholes and flower crowns, floral selfie stations and charity sniff tests.  FFTF teams love the experience: just as Gill learned in the early days, working with other local growers on a large scale project, sharing ideas and arranging skills brings a huge boost to experience and confidence.  The show judges seem just as keen too, as FFTF has netted bags full of gold and silver gilt medals over the last 10 years.

Flowers from the Farm's gold medal winning display at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Our wire horse, Flora, adorned with dried flowers on her bridal and harness, pulls a cart laden with seasonal British cut flowers along a path of meadow flowers. Photo: Tuckshop Flowers.

Our Chelsea display was a triumph of collaboration with 100 people involved in a wide range of capacities.

Our 2018 Chelsea gold medal was a triumph of logistics and determination made up of a hundred separate success stories. Appearing at the show was never going to be an effort by just a select few members but was always intended as a shared experience for all. 14,000 stems were arranged by a team of just seven members but the victory belonged to absolutely everyone.

100 members accepted the open challenge to send their flowers to Chelsea and began planning how on earth to get them there. Growers from Inverness to the Scilly Isles took their freshly picked blooms to their nearest neighbour – the trickle of buckets feeding into larger streams as more tributaries of flowers joined together to form an overnight torrent on their journey to SW3.

Now that restrictions have eased, we’re loving being back meeting the public and sharing the sensational and scented blooms that we’re all obsessed with.

A display of British flowers in milk churns and zinc containers surround the selfie station at BBC Gardeners World Live. Made by the West Midlands members of Flowers from the Farm, the stand features a blue painted shed wall adorned with fabric flowers, and a large union jack hangs in the background.

The West Midlands region celebrate British flowers with our selfie station at BBC Gardeners' World Live.

FFTF Wales members stand in front of their station themed display at RHS Cardiff which holds wicker hampers full of tulips, zinc buckets with peonies and 1930s style signage in their railway waiting room.

Members in Wales take silver gilt at RHS Cardiff.

Flowers from the Farm members sit in front of their display of British cut flowers at the RHS Malvern Autumn show.

It's always more fun to work with others. FFTF West Mids, Wales and Southwest at RHS Malvern.

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