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Fiona of Cotswold Country Flowers pulls her laden flower trolley down the grass path on her artisan flower farm. The buckets it carries are brimming with scented sweet peas, cheery pink cosmos daisies and yellow sunflowers - all ready to become bouquets, wedding flowers and special gifts for her local customers.

A gallery of beautiful blooms

Watch the seasons turn with sensational flowers and fabulous foliage from Flowers from the Farm members.

Flowering now in the UK

We bring you the pick of the crop from our members this season and what’s inspiring us on our flower farms right now.

An open window in a stone farmhouse is filled with an urn of roses, foxgloves, scented jasmine trails and the pick of June's cut flowers. Photo: Farhill Flowers

A window for British Flowers Week in June by Farhill Flowers, Monmouthshire.

Rachel of Green and Gorgeous carries a bucket of purple alliums and frothy white ammi majus back to her workshop for arranging.

Rachel carries alliums, irises and ammi back to her workshop at Green and Gorgeous, Oxfordshire.

A black Labrador sits in the cutting patch under the poly tunnel at Howe Farm Flowers

Standing guard over the ammi crop in the Howe Farm polytunnel, Buckinghamshire.

A close up of massed heads of pale blue nigella by Belton Blooms

Nigella or Love in a Mist by Belton Blooms, Leicestershire.

Carol' Garden owner Carol Siddorn smiles holding a bright bouquet of late spring flowers featuring foxgloves, enormous coral poppies, dog's eye daisies, cornflowers and love in a mist.

The pick of the late spring plot from Carol's Garden, Cheshire.

The Elworthy Flowers team survey their outdoor table filled with buckets of zesty green mint, cornflowers, tancetum daisies, orange pot marigolds and pale pink foxgloves - the best of the late spring cutting patch.

Elworthy Flowers' table groans with early summer, Bedfordshire.

Amber Partner cutting in her flower fields at Howe Farm Flowers through a sea of purple verbena against a blue sky

Amber of Howe Farm Flowers harvests verbena.

Pastel garden roses in an antiqued silver vase by Wildly Beautiful Flowers.

In June roses return to Wildy Beautiful Flowers, Bristol.

A cut flower bed at Catkin, Lincolnshire, billows with purple catnep, pale pink and deep crimson scented garden roses with the architectural forms of young artichokes in the foreground.

The abundance of the early summer garden. Catkin, Lincolnshire.

Wedding flowers - a milk churn outside the church is packed with scents from pink roses, white peonies and stocks, and overflows with frothy white cow parsley and ammi for a wildflower style church wedding

A scented milk churn by Beamsley Blooms,Yorkshire, welcomes guests to a June wedding