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A traditional fresh evergreen wreath made with British grown foliage, berries and nigella seedbeds. Fierce Blooms, Cheshire.

A gallery of beautiful blooms

Watch the seasons turn with sensational flowers and fabulous foliage from Flowers from the Farm members.

Flowering now in the UK

We bring you the pick of the crop from our members this season and what’s inspiring us on our flower farms right now.

Kate Norris puts the finishing touches to a wreath

December is the month of wreath-making - Kate of Northumbrian Flowers, Northumbria, adds finishing touches to her festive wreath.

A table of materials for making dried flower wreaths

When the fresh flower season has ended, British-grown dried flowers help to fill the floral gap until spring.

A winter bouquet made with a combination of fresh silvery foliages and dried plumes of pampas grass, teasels, dried lavender, gypsophila and hydrangea.

Combine dried flowers and seed heads with silvery foliages for a gorgeous winter bouquet, like this one by Beamsley Blooms, Yorkshire.

Ranunculus leaves growing from under a winter mulch in December

Winter is also a time of waiting and anticipation - green ranunculus leaves in December are a promise of treasured blooms to come next spring in the Harebell & Bee garden, Gloucestershire.

Wreath workshops, like this one at Galloway Flowers, Dumfries, take place across the UK throughout December and are a lovely way to meet your local flower farmer.

A mix of fresh foliage and dried flowers can create some truly unique combinations

This vibrant and festive flower wreath combines fresh and dried materials, by Frances and Rose, Eyam.

Zanna Hopkins of Spindle flowers uses 50 different types of foliage to create her Christmas wreaths

There's no limit to what you can use in a seasonal winter wreath. Zanna from SPINDLE Flowers, Dorset uses over 50 kinds of foliages in her wreaths!

Sedum seed heads in December

Winter seed heads - like this sedum - add textural interest to December wreaths and arrangements.

A traditional selection of ingredients ready for wreath-making at Sarah Hill Flowers

Wreath-making decorations are all lined up for a workshop at Sarah Hill Flowers, Devon.

Rich reds and greens give a classic look to this festive wreath by Justine Scouller

The traditional colours of the festive season are always beautiful, as shown here by Far Hill Flowers, Monmouthshire.