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I qualified as a florist many years ago and have always had a passion for gardening. With the wake up call on plastic overload and the waste of flowers that couldn’t been flown over during lockdown I felt something needs to change. My parents have a field near by so I thought why not do something positive with it. I started in October 2020 by putting 6 raised beds in, fruit trees and lots of shrubs. I have since planted roses, bulbs and have started sowing seeds. I have a pitch at a local vintage market on a Friday where I sold lots of wreaths, bulbs and Cornish cut flowers over Christmas which sold well. Since the recent lock down things are quiet again but that does give me chance to look at putting in a polly tunnel and ordering bare root plants. I have also set up a face book page and joined Instagram. I’m not very technical so this is my weak spot in my business but I have grown up children that get roped in to teach me and they are very patient. My aim is to grow British flowers and support other British growers with an ethical and down to nature approach. This will enable me to send flowers throughout the uk and provide a wedding flower service using natural and reusable products where possible.