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Hello! and welcome to Blodau Cyffredin, locally grown seasonal flowers from South Carmarthenshire. We grow our flowers in a small orchard between the apple trees outside Kidwelly alongside the A484, our five acres of land stretching down to the Gwendraeth Fach river. We offer mixed flower bouquets, bunches, Jam jars, and mixed buckets. We can offer a delivery service to the local area, and our jam jars sell at the farm gate through an honesty box. My name is Ronnie, and I was inspired to grow flowers back in 2010 after spending a week helping a client build an artisan garden at the Chelsea flower show. It took another seven years before I finally decided to grow cut flowers for sale. Just over a year ago, I discovered this wonderful organization called; Flowers from the farm, which I am delighted to be a part of. My journey in selling flowers is just beginning. It's my privilege to be the caretaker of this natural environment. Just allowing nature to do its part, and it is surprising how effective it can be. The natural predators flourish, taking care of the soil by adding compost and farmyard manure. The hard clay soil is becoming easier to work. Adding woodchips to paths and borders create a barrier that discourages slugs. Chemical fertilizer is kept to the bare minimum and only used as an intensive care treatment where plants suffer and need a tonic. We aim to keep about twenty different flower varieties during the growing season, but sometimes it isn't easy when some flowers go over quickly. Our long-term goal is to increase our stock of perennials as they last longer on the stem. Down by the river is our willow patch in several colors. The willows form the base of our Christmas wreaths; also, an abundance of moss in our ancient woodland is a sustainable way to create the skeleton. After Christmas, we shut down till the end of March, and then it's the start of another season.