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Located on the lovely Farncombe Estate near Broadway Bloomery creates stunning floral designs for events, weddings and special occasions. We can deliver a vast range of floral styles tailored to any celebration, and our speciality is natural British garden flowers. You can also come along to one of the workshop sessions in our lovely light, bright and airy studio where you can discover the enjoyment of creating a beautiful arrangement with our help. Then, basking in the creative buzz you can head out for a relaxing walk or a tasty bite at one of the amazing restaurants on the Estate – you can always do both if you’re feeling adventurous! We believe in working with the environment and don’t use oasis-type floral foam in our designs. Floral foam takes many years to break down, can’t be composted or recycled. In season we buy as many flowers as we can from local flower growers to support the local economy, also UK grown flowers have more scent than blooms from abroad and they also feed our UK bees! Nearly 90% of flowers bought in the UK are imported and may travel up to 3,000 miles before they see a vase at home, so buying locally means the flowers are fresher and the air miles are non-existent.