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Hi there, I am Deborah Mason and I run Bramshill Flowers in North Hampshire. I offer flowers for every occasion; bouquets and floral arrangements for weddings and events, gift bouquets and tributes for funerals. Plus every Friday, during the high season, I deliver Bounty Bunches, which are full of whatever is looking gorgeous that week. I also sell mixed buckets of blooms to florists and flower arrangers. I am inspired by our local flora and fauna and do my best to grow alongside nature by never using any pesticides, weed killers or chemicals. All my flowers are grown outside, and a great many are useful to bees, butterflies and other insects so I try and leave some for them too. My style is "glamour meets nature" and I love mixing a few stems of wildflowers with the exquisite blooms I grow here in a small paddock in North Hampshire. I like to allow the flowers to speak for themselves, so all my designs are naturally beautiful and created with the environment in mind.