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Bespoke floral design for those who love nature! Inspired by the seasons, Hannah creates wild & unruly designs, curated with locally sourced British flowers that are sure to wow your guests or loved one. With a strong focus on sustainability and the environment, Hannah adopts eco-friendly methods to produce not only natural looking arrangements but those that are kinder to our planet. Hannah's creations and customer service have won her rave reviews AND the prestigious accolade of West Midlands Regional Florist of the Year 2020, from The Wedding Industry Awards. Hannah now offers, along side her infamous wedding work, gift bouquets, funerals and flowers for the home, email for more information and availability. * While I strive to use 100% British Flowers, 100% of the time in my work, this is not always possible due to crop failures, adverse weather or limited availability of certain flowers. If this was the case, any imported flowers would be complimentary to what's seasonally available in the UK. I do not work with chemically BLEACHED or DYED materials. * If you require 100% British then please state this in your enquiry and I will be happy to discuss options/ possibilities.