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We grow beautiful seasonal flowers and foliage just outside Exeter which we sell in bulk to wholesale and retail, and, this March, launched "Carobeth in a Box", which consists of the best available stems and can be ordered through the website and delivered wherever you are. Importantly, we follow organic principles using natural fertilisers and composts and are beginning the process of being officially certified. Our flowers are available from March until September/October depending on the last frost and are all grown naturally without heat. We cannot predict too far in advance exactly what flowers will be available when, as we are reliant on the local climate which changes every year (sometimes it seems it changes weekly!). The team consists of me and my husband - aka the "senior ops manager" (he's desperate to be promoted to director). We've been growing for 4 years now and are still learning something new everyday. We have sheep in our fields, a swarm of wild honeybees hanging out in a tree stump, finches, a variety of tits, blackbirds, Mr & Mrs Lightyear and family (buzzards, of course), tawny owls, tree creepers, badgers, moles, shrews, mice and masses of deer and rabbits and we've spotted a couple of polecats. Consequently, we have lots of appropriate fencing... We are passionate about what we do and would be delighted to chat flowers with you.