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Hello there! I'm Denise Jones, the creative force behind Denise Jones Floral Design. With a deep love for both people and petals, I proudly wear the hats of floral designer and budding flower grower. As I embark on my growing journey, I'm thrilled to mark 25 wonderful years in the flower industry this year (2024). It's truly a privilege to work with nature's exquisite bounty—lush flowers, verdant foliage, aromatic herbs, captivating plants, and even the delicate nuances of lichen, twigs, branches, and dried elements—all of which inspire our floral wonders. "FROM PETALS TO POSSIBILITIES" encapsulates my ethos. In my cottage garden studio, I've recently transformed a lawned area into a dedicated flower patch, where I revel in being a mini, mini micro flower grower. Witnessing seeds spring to life and nurturing them into vibrant blooms brings immense joy, especially when they find their way into my workshops, demonstrations, and bespoke floral designs. My workshops and designs embody a touch of whimsy and originality, focusing on delivering a holistic floral experience rooted in wellness and self-care. I pride myself on offering a diverse range of styles, tailoring weddings with specifically grown flowers to minimise reliance on imported blooms. Currently on the lookout for land to expand my floral endeavors, sustainability lies at the heart of my practice—embracing eco-friendly growing and arranging methods. Having had the honor of crafting floral masterpieces for the prestigious venueWestminster Abbey twice both at the main entrance and high altar, it was a delight to see FFTF organising the flower donations for the King Coronation, . I love my job as both a Floral Designer and Flower Grower, so If you're ready to infuse your life with a bit of floral magic, I'd love to hear from you. Here's to fulfilling your floral dreams with warmth and creativity! With Floral Wishes, Denise