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Greenark Flower Farm Scorton Suppliers of naturally beautiful, seasonal, sustainable, field grown flowers. Welcome to Greenark Flower Farm, set within Greenark Woodland Nursery at Scorton Lancashire. My name is Susan Matthews, my family and I are privileged to grow on our own 7acre site that is filled with the beauty of flowers. I am devoted to producing the freshest, most diverse, range of captivating field grown flowers , whilst enhancing and protecting the natural surroundings “Simply for the Love of Flowers.” Flowers are a luxury item, and we should all ensure we buy responsibly, so as to “not cost the Earth.” Many flowers that are bought from Supermarkets, Garage Forecourts and some Florists (not all) are imported flowers, flown in to the UK from all around the world, and or flowers that are grown in large glasshouses creating an avoidably large carbon footprint/Flower Miles. A recent study had shown that hotspots for emissions are transport, heating and electricity use and that an imported mixed bouquet produces 10x greater carbon than a British-grown mixed bouquet. Greenark Flower Farm only use sustainable product where possible, growing media and plastic pots are recycled year on year. So without guilt please be immersed into the world of long lost nostalgic flowers