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Collaborating with Nature 1. 'I fancy some flowers.' 2. Choose your presentation format & budget. 3. Receive a surprise selection of seasonal British flowers by delivery or collection. 4. Exchange used packaging & wilting blooms for fresh flowers. ​My floral creations are a collaboration between people and nature. I do not order specific types of flowers, but instead use the best of the British seasons to provide a joyous flowery surprise for my customers. Since I scratched the surface of the ever-evolving world of flowers in 2018, I’ve started listening to my heart properly for the first time since I was a child scribbling late night poems and in floristry I have rediscovered this peaceful creativity. Green Feather Flowers is about being honest and working with what I've got. Consistency is not my strongpoint, so every flowery creation I make is unique. As the customer, you don’t have to be a florist to help design beautiful pieces. You just have to have an opinion. Maybe you’re drawn to a particular colour, texture, shape or scent? Perhaps a life-changing funeral or wedding has introduced you to flowers. Give me a little bit of conversation and I’ll reply in the colourful, beautiful unique language of British-grown flowers. To talk flowers, contact me on: Email Tel. 07501659675 To learn more about my approach, visit