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I grow beautiful scented english country garden flowers in a small cutting garden in Brimpton for florists, weddings, events, and bouquets.
My flowery journey started a long time ago, with my mother. I was brought up in Africa and then the Caribbean, where our bland and basic company houses needed to turned into homes. Wherever we lived, mum would always pick fresh flowers for the house from the garden - hibiscus, bougainvillea, canna lilies etc. I don't think I understood it at the time but that simple act was such an important part of grounding us in each new place - wherever she put her beautiful flowers was our home.
Many years later, and struggling to come to terms with living in England, I discovered the joy of growing things myself and began to bring flowers into our own home. My english garden is now my happy place and it grounds me in a way that is hard to explain. When times are difficult, there is always solace to be found in growing things and in that daily connection with the natural environment.
Three years ago, I found myself in the lucky situation of having some land to play with and Little Park Flowers was born. My ambition is to spread a bit of happiness through my flowers and the workshops and events that I can host amongst them ... and it really works! A dear friend and customer recently told me that the flowers I provided for her goddaughter's party fed her soul for a week. What more could I hope for?
That is exactly how I feel when I work amongst them - amazed, delighted and nourished by the sheer magic of them and the environment they sustain.
If you are a Berkshire/Hampshire florist, please get in touch and if you are planning an event for 2018, I'd love my flowers to be part of it. Alternatively, if you live in Berkshire or North Hampshire and just want weekly, monthly or occasional bunches of the freshest country garden flowers please give me a call:)

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Jill Houston
1 Park Court

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Bouquets and Buckets service
A Year of Flowers
Bouquets delivered locally
DIY flowers for brides
Event flowers
Farmgate flowers
Florist using local, seasonal flowers
Flowers and food
Flowers for brides
Flowers for florists
Flowers for photoshoots
Flowers for therapy
Funeral flowers
Local sales
Market stalls
Organically Grown Flowers
Party flowers
Pick Your Own flowers
Sympathy flowers
Weekly subscription
Wholesale flowers
Workshops - Bespoke
Workshops - Floristry
Workshops - Flower Growing

My Blog Articles

British Flowers make the Great British Bake off Final!

Nov 6 2017

British and local flowers make it to the Great British Bake Off Final in the form of beautiful winners' bouquets.

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