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Hello I'm Michele from page Green flowers,We are in our third year growing cut flowers. We grow a variety of seasonal cut flowers in the small town of Cricklade Wiltshire. This year 2024 we have expanded our growing area,due to our success last season. Our British grown flowers are beautifully scented they are sown, grown and picked all at page green flowers. We only use flowers I’ve grown myself and when nessary, collaborate with other British grown flowers from other suppliers. We use no chemicals on our flowers. We amend the soil very regulary with organic mulch. We take care to use plastics that can be reused many times and which can be recycled when finished with. We start all are seeds in soil blocks or seed trys that will and have been used for many years. we can provide Buckets of seasonal flowers to Brides who wish to style their own wedding. We offer seasonal wholesale flowers for florist and DIY buckets. Jam Jar Posies & special occasion Bouquets. I am always available to answer any inquiries and will be very happy to arrange for a visit to the farm, Get in touch.