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Im a qualified horticulturalist who side stepped about 6 years ago into growing local seasonal, sustainable cut flowers. This all came about after working for several event florists who didn't seem to have any idea about seasonality and who seemed to have little regard for the environment, I was amazed about how much plastic packaging there was and wondered about the chemicals and environmental costs of importing these flowers. So I had a light bulb moment and thought, I must just grow my own! Thats how it all started! I am now starting again in a new location and a new growing area which is nestled in a coastal woodland garden that has not had any chemicals used on it for over 20 years. This patch inspires me, its whimsical and sometimes wild. My flower arrangements are often described as wildflowers, and even if they aren't actually wildflowers I think I have begun to realise that this means that they look like they are natural and perhaps with their bendy stems they just remind people of the a wild flower garden. This is a huge compliment.