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Hello, I am Rozanne and I am excited to be starting my 4th season growing beautiful British grown blooms in a garden gathered style. I can offer flowers for your special occasion whether that is a wedding, party, a gift bouquet, flower arrangers bucket or farewell flowers. New for 2024 I have a fabulous studio where I can host a group of people to learn how to arrange a handtied bouquet or flowers in a vase. We can make flower crowns or dried flower wreaths, meadows or mobiles. I have a lovely loo and parking right outside the door. I love to offer tours too and I do have some volunteer days that are really informative and you will be able to take home some seedlings, seeds, cuttings or flowers - it depends on the season and what we have been doing that day. All of my flowers are grown on site without the use of chemicals so that I can benefit from the pest control offered by songbirds, owls, hedgehogs and the little bugs such as ladybirds and hoverflies who love the aphids. I do have 2 polytunnels that are unheated to ensure that I can provide the highest quality of flowers -no rain damage, sun scorch or tattered edges from the wind. My season starts with daffodils in March and goes through until October with the last of the dahlias up until the first frost and then some chrysanthemums for as long as I can after that. I make festive wreaths to decorate your door too. For parties I can provide curated buckets of flowers to your chosen colour palette, I have also arranged in vases or vessels provided to me for dinner parties and similar. Weddings involve more discussions and planning but I can make bridal party bouquets, button holes and provide buckets for you to arrange venue flowers with wedding party guests or family. I can also make larger more statement arrangements for you. Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss your requirements and ideas, it will be a pleasure to help you and to provide beautiful scented flowers for your occasion.