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Hello my name is Liz , I’m an artisan flower grower in Bristol growing beautiful scented, whimsical blooms in a planet friendly way. My floral journey started as a young girl when I walked down my grandmas garden path with standard roses either side underplanted with gorgeous blousy cerise peonies with a splattering of forget me knots running riot. That memory never fades and took me into my love of gardening and horticulture. The grounding you feel from gardening with the warm soil between your hands and the eager anticipation of a tiny weeny seed growing into a beautiful flower, there’s not a feeling like that. After a decade of being a florist I’ve followed my dream into flower farming, growing on my allotment i’m able to choose varieties for your kitchen table or wedding dream. I love to incorporate unusual plants like blackberries or flowering leeks. I grow whimsical, light and airy flowers that flutter above arrangements with ornamental grasses for that wild meadow look. At a time of reassurance I work with my customers to produce a bespoke personalised farewell tribute using sustainable mechanics. I often encourage clients to incorporate favourite flowers that evoke a memory. Some people like a simple flower or tree planting or a seasonal posy or jam jar of flowers for aftercare visits to a loved ones grave. I’d love to chat to you about your flowery dreams, whether it’s to work together to produce a fitting tribute, or a celebration of a wedding, or to host a flower workshop at your house or venue. Drop me a message and let’s make that happen. Liz maggs x