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We grow uplifting, vibrant flowers & herbs, filled with scent & colour, from our micro-scale flower farm just outside Beaminster in West Dorset. We want our seasonal, sustainable flowers to bring joy & provide connection. Sustainable Working in harmony with nature and having as little impact as possible on the planet is at the heart of our business – so organic, perma-culture, and no-dig methods of growing are used to produce our colourful flowers. Seasonal Creating floral arrangements using bright, vibrant, jewel colours brings us all the joy. We grow a wide variety of flowers between April and October, drying a portion of these for our colourful dried bouquets to see us through the darker winter months. Every one of our bouquets has a selection of herbs, which are included for their scent, colour and form. We also use these herbs at home in our own salads, medicines and teas. Soulful Community We want our flowers to bring connection. Not just to the seasons and to protecting our natural environment, but within our close and wider community too. A percentage of our monthly profit goes to support organisations that work with marginalised communities, and we are working on creating deeper relationships with organisations that support refugees.