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Why join Flowers from the Farm?

Listen to what our members say about the benefits here

Flowers from the Farm is a network of other growers and florists like you.  Some are further along the way some, perhaps, haven’t yet got as far as you have – but they’re all willing to share their experience with others. 

Flower farming is a rewarding and satisfying career, you are growing a product that brings smiles to people’s faces. But it can also be solitary and frustrating; every year is different and it takes time to build up the necessary knowledge.

If you're a florist wanting to build a reputation for using British grown flowers and make them your unique selling point, find out more here.


What you get as a member:

  • Chance to network with like-minded people and to share experience
  • Access to members’ articles, templates and blogs, closed facebook forums
  • Monthly members' newsletter
  • Participation in local meetings, events and shows.

£75 annual membership

 Market your business with an easy to update webpage, and photos

 Direct links to your website / details for customers to contact you directly

Access to business advice and hints and tips from Flower growers who’ve been there and done that

 Build your confidence by helping at shows and events.

 Get discounted prices on Business courses and workshops plus exclusive offers from our promoted suppliers


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But what if I'm not ready to trade yet?

You have the option not to have a public profile straight away, but other members will be able to find you. You can also join in our private Facebook group where we are able to discuss pricing and other sensitive subjects.  Not a Facebook fan?  Don’t worry: you don’t need to open yourself up to the whole gossipy brouhaha to have a business page.


Frequently asked questions


As well as helping your business, your membership means that we, as a group, can promote British Flowers, educate florists and the public, and have a foundation for campaigning to government about assistance for the British Flower industry.

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